Self-Awareness: The Key to Transformation and An Empowered Life!

“Our real journey in life is interior. It is a matter of growth, deepening and of an even greater surrender to the creative action of love and grace in our hearts.” ~ Thomas Merton

The first step to transformation comes with a desire for change. It often manifests as an inner urge for something more in our lives; from a sense of discontent or a feeling of emptiness, often precipitated by an awareness of what is not working in our lives or by a need for greater fulfillment, meaning and purpose in life. With the awakening of self-awareness comes self-knowledge, which puts into motion the cycle of change. The more conscious we become of what we want from life, the more consciously we stand in our truth, the better our choices will be. Conscious choices lead to conscious living and inevitably to an empowered life. True power comes from within.

It is therefore important to understand that change is the only constant energy that can propel us forward to a more fulfilling and empowered life. Change comes from an open and willing heart that is ready to embrace new ways of thinking and doing.

The intent to change however necessitates that we turn inward to deal with our shadow aspects, which requires re-examining our belief systems, attitudes, habits and social and cultural norms that may be limiting us and keeping us stuck in a rut or manifesting as self-sabotaging or self-destructive behaviors as we see in addictive behaviors such as: over-eating, substance abuse, alcoholism, over consumption of media and entertainment, consumerism and from being a workaholic.

Understanding why we indulge in such behaviors that sabotage us necessitates self-reflection. It requires understanding our shadow self, which is repressed in the subconscious mind. All of us carry shadow attributes, in some form or other, in our psyche. These attributes can also manifests as rage, fear, sadness, depression, anxieties, phobia or arrogance.

We often do not acknowledge our shadow aspects for fear of judgment, guilt, shame or change, which requires working on ourselves, or letting go of social facades or getting out of our comfort zones. Most of us would rather do anything else than look within ourselves. It takes courage, commitment and diligence to work on our inner self.

But the road to self-awareness, transformation and authentic living requires that we bring into our consciousness that which is unconscious in us. ‘Inner Work’ is a life long process that will enable us to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

© Sasha Samy 2013

Points taken from my book, ‘Transcending Abuse & Betrayal.’