SHADOW TO LIGHT is an Award-winning, inspirational book that celebrates the sacredness of life through the triumph of dignity, courage and self-empowerment. The book, while exploring why some people attract bullies or abusive partners, or engage in self-sabotaging behaviors like addictions, offers readers practical and holistic techniques and tools to transcend their experiences. By sharing transformational stories of conscious choices  and forgiveness through personal anecdotes, penetrating insights, psychological research, and spiritual teachings, Sasha Samy hopes others will garner the courage to move from their shadowland to a lightened space of empowerment  and authenticity. Sasha believes that personal transformation from ‘within’  will not only unblock and remove the barriers to inner peace and happiness, it will also, ineluctably, elevate social and global consciousness. As such, SHADOW TO LIGHT espouses shadow and inner works as essential to the healing and transformational process of understanding the self.

The book, which is divided into three parts, also discusses:

– What constitutes abuse and its effects

– Why the targeted do not leave their abusive partners

– What is lacking in dysfunctional relationships

– How our erroneous thoughts, attitudes and belief systems create self-sabotaging and self-destructive behavioral patterns

– Why Shadow and Inner works are essential to understanding the self

– Techniques and tools to embrace the healing and transformational process

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In SHADOW TO LIGHT Sasha Samy provides a user-friendly body of work weaving a partnership of help for teenaged girls, women, teenaged boys and men through four heartful case studies, scientific research, and a beautifully flowering spirituality. Samy’s easy to read format reflects the warmth, love and compassion of its author and takes the reader through the abuse and struggle-to-survive stages to enriched mental and physical health and to new choices and new life. This book is a must read for girls and women.

—Glenn R. Mosley, Ph.D, author,  New Thought, Ancient Wisdom and Hands-On-Healing

  • The checklists in Part III were excellent. I found myself wishing you had dwelt longer on those and had worked in some of the theory you presented within these lists.  Your perspective of spiritually is unique and the Christian principles you present are blended well with the acceptance of other spiritual standpoints. Likewise, the fact that you’ve suffered abuse and have found you way “into the light” makes you a great resource. — NonFiction Author’s Association.
  • “A year ago, about this time, I was a wreck. I woke up every morning upset. I really thought my world was crashing around me. I was able to get a hold of Shadow To Light, and it helped a lot. During this past year, I ran into more problems and things took a turn for the worse. For months I was in a dark place wishing the worst possible things. I picked my book back up and started reading it again. I’ve lost some very special people this year, mostly due to my own selfishness and not feeling needed, so I let them go. A year later I’m back in school and I’ve met some pretty amazing and talented people and once again attempting to fix my personal issues. If you or anyone you know is going through an abusive relationship, or just plain self sabotaging most everything they do, please get this book. It doesn’t make you less of person to get help, it will only make you better. Thank you so much Sasha, for everything you’ve done you are still and will always be a godsend.” —Shaun Relliyan

  • SHADOW TO LIGHT”  traces the story of 4 diverse women, as they heal deep wounds. It is a moving account of women helping women to stand strong and understand their own strength and that of sisterhood. It includes in-depth research into the psychology and nature of abuse and empowers the reader to overcome apathy and feelings of victimization. What I loved about the book was Sasha Samy’s ability to skilfully weave fiction and fact, artful story-telling with practical techniques that were incredibly helpful in personal resolution and empowerment. As I read the book, I could not help but reflect upon my journey through childhood abuse, reviewing different aspects of my life and relationships. It enabled me to gain deepening insight into our collective journey to self-hood. I recommend this book highly to anyone strongly committed to personal growth and process work.—  Veenaa Saynana, Author and Sacred Activist, California.
  • SHADOW TO LIGHT was definitely a journey to healing and Selfhood for me. I went through all what was mentioned in this book. I thoroughly enjoyed all three parts of this book. I can feel the author’s soul and need to help other women be aware of abuse in this book. After reading, I have gained more knowledge and also ready to help my friends who were or are in the same boat as me. What a inspiring book for all women and girls to read. Will pass on this book to as many of my friends and family as possible. This also inspires me to start a support group and do what I can for other women and using this book as my guide.  — P. Nirmala, Dubai.
  • As someone who worked in the social service field and having read several self-help books on this topic, I was pleasantly surprised by the approach the author takes in SHADOW TO LIGHT. Integrating fiction, research, personal development and spirituality, this book takes a holistic approach to the sensitive issue of abuse. Unlike other books, this one in particular, is instructive. This is not a book simply about abuse. Rather it is a book about empowerment and the ability for a person to go beyond their experiences of abuse and heal. Thus, the fictional section is well supported and complimented by the remaining elements. This is a book that has something for everyone and is a highly recommended read. — Mikaela Wilkins, Canada
  • Every Person should read it! What a powerful, inspirational, and interesting piece of work!!! It was surprising to note that abuse can come in many forms and Samy provides the reader with tools to help overcome not only abuse but addictions as well. Samy’s suggestions about utilizing prayer, forgiveness, and meditation were motivating and I plan on incorporating those elements to help improve the quality of my life. A must read book! — Rose McDonald.
  • Encouraging & Knowledgeable! I found ‘SHADOW TO LIGHT’ by Sasha Samy insightful, useful and informative. The author not only addresses the problematic issues of why abuse and betrayal is prevalent world wide but also successfully offers solutions in how to deal with them. As a reader, I was able to feel the power and poignancy of the women’s stories and to empathize with them. It is interesting how Sasha Samy uses the metaphor of ‘fire’ not only to represent the destructive nature of self-sabotaging behaviour, she also represents it as a refining sacred fire to reflect ‘rebirth.’ The tools she offers in the book can be used by anyone who is interested in personal growth. I strongly recommend this book to teenagers, men, women, educators and counsellors. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. — Audrey Phyllis.