Nature Can Teach Us How To Be!

It seemed like yet another typical fall weekend as my husband Ken and I drove out to the countryside, passing by blueberry and dairy farms and stables as we made our way to the Alouette river for a walk along the dyke. The only difference was that we were blessed by some intermittent sunshine last Saturday, an anomaly for an autumn day in rainy Vancouver. Each time we drive out of the city, I notice my body would spontaneously relax and my heart would lift in joy. It was no different last weekend as I took in the panoramic scenery with the snow-capped mountains in the background, of which British Columbia is well known for.

Having lived in a fast-paced city for most of my life, I’ve always enjoyed driving out to places where nature abounds. It is fortunate that both Ken and I enjoy exploring new territory, often going off road to look for new trails. Nature seems to have a soporific effect on me. I find it so therapeutic, so healing to my soul to be close to nature.

The temperature had been dropping the last week and a hint of winter was in the air. It was about 2 degrees celsius, the air was crisp and smelled fresh. Bundled up warmly for the walk, Starbucks coffee in hand to keep us warm, we made our way down to the marina and walked along the dyke, stopping ever so often to snap photos of the awe-inspiring scenery or to watch flocks of geese flying across the sky as they make their way south to some place warm or to gaze at the ducks contentedly swimming along the still river, poking their heads into the water to look for fish.

I took it all in, savoring every moment to be still and one with nature. These are moments I relish to be quiet and still within myself. I cannot ignore the tugging of my heart as I feel divine presence in my surrounding. I’m filled with love and gratitude for being given this opportunity to be blessed by nature.

There is so much in life that we take for granted. We forget simple joys like walking in nature, observing the flora and fauna, appreciating the cyclical change of the seasons. Every season brings with it, its beauty. With each change of the season comes a change in the landscape. Like the changing seasons, all of us go through light and dark seasons in our lives. We can choose to either resist the changes or allow the flow of grace that is within us to guide us through a season of transformation of our inner landscape. For me, as I journey through each season, I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy the beauty that each of them has to offer, allowing myself to experience whatever life procures at each moment, not knowing what tomorrow will bring but learning nevertheless, on a daily basis, to integrate the philosophy of, “it is what it is.”

Sasha Samy © 2012.
Author of “Transcending Abuse & Betrayal”