“ Meditation is a daily “diet “ of silence where the mind joins the heart to nourish us.”

~ Bruce Davis, Phd.

Meditation these days is becoming popular as a way to de-stress from a hectic lifestyle. For some, sitting in silence offers them a respite from the noise of modern lifestyle, for others, it is used as a tool for their spiritual practice. Meditation is the practice of being present. It helps in slowing down the inane chatter of our minds which creates discordant energy in our bodies.

 As an essential part of my spiritual practice, meditation offers me an opportunity not only to glean insights about myself or situations I may find myself in, it also allows me to get in touch with my inner self.  Practicing meditation deeply and consistently develops in us a kind of self-awareness or mindfulness and inner strength that assist us in transcending the storms in our lives, sparing us the debilitating and devastating effects of upheaval and overwhelm.

   Meditation is not just about being quiet nor is it about the absence of challenges; it’s about being the witness or observer of one’s life experiences. Through increasing awareness or mindfulness, we learn to transcend the ego self that thrives on drama, pain and suffering.

 Through practicing meditation, we can learn to calm down our agitated emotions, release anger, frustration and tension through focused breathing. As such, physiologically, meditation generates health benefits as it involves conscious breathing and so allows people who are constantly stressed, busy and on the go to de-stress. Meditation aids in lowering cortisol and adrenaline, hormones that keep our bodies in a hyper-state of stress. Studies have shown that prolonged stress creates chronic fatigue, illness and disease in our bodies.

Meditation develops concentration and promotes deep relaxation, with the brain emitting alpha and theta waves. These waves have the power to calm the mind, relax the body, and balance and harmonize the discordant energies within us.

 Other benefits also include increased perceptiveness, creativity and a greater sense of well –being. Meditation, especially when done with visualization, enhances greatly the transformative powers of healing and manifestation in our lives.

 When we allow meditation to become a part of our lives, we are in reality reconnecting to the  ‘sacred silence’ that resides in us, which inevitably, allows the peace of our soul to affect all parts of life.  By incorporating the art of mindfulness into our daily life, the striving and doing that is so much a part of our lives, will pave the way to a new mode of being that emanates inner peace and joy.

 Take some time out, even just for 5 or 10 minutes from your busy schedule daily to be quiet, to walk in nature, to listen to soft music and allow your soul to rest in the spaciousness of your being and in the process recharge you from inside out.    

 You can download a free “Connecting With Your Authentic Self” meditation at www.sashasamy.com.

 I wish you much peace and joy!


Excerpted from Shadow To Light © Sasha Samy 18.9.2013

 Sasha Samy is the author of Shadow To Light: Transformation Journeys From Abuse & Betrayal To Empowerment. She is an educator and facilitator of the “Circle of Life’ and “ The Authentic You” workshops. To know more about her work, visit: www.sashasamy.com