The Matrimonial Home

When young

she wed

to escape

the  misery

of a conflict-riddled,

broken home.


She sought love

where no love was


endured the cacophony

of insults

that poured furiously

from eager, malicious lips.


Seduced by the deception

of societal norms

she remained mired

in a cactus-bedded


bearing the children

of a man

she continues to call


but truly—a stranger,

a man whom she looks upon

with a quiet disdain.


Sadness veils her darkened,

hooded eyes,

loneliness and frustration

beats every morsel of energy

out of her body,

leaving her

numb and desolate.


For she has no other vocation

than to be a wife and mother

in a society that frowns

upon single parenthood.


Sasha Samy

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