Are you struggling against the flow of daily living? Do you desire to dismantle the barriers to inner peace, love and joy?

Many of us engage in self-destructive habits that we may not even be conscious of because they are often repressed in our subconscious mind. Some of these shadows can manifest in our lives as our inner critic or judge, or saboteur.  They can assume the form of  guilt, shame, fear, sadness, depression, aggression, resentment, timidity and addictions. Our shadows prevent us from living an authentic life by discounting our authentic power, voice and inner freedom. Dealing with our shadows or unconscious patterns and habits that diminish our joy need not have to be a ‘dark’ and ‘painful’ process.  Through a systemic transformative process that is fun-filled, creative, supportive and healing, we can lovingly integrate our shadows with our light by nurturing our sacred creative self.

Within each of us exists a gift of creative and authentic joy waiting to be ignited. In this workshop, we will use a transpersonal approach and the Jungian concept of the ‘circle’ as representative of the self to invite you to embark on a journey inward to a path of inner exploration, creativity and fun through engaging in art, sound healing music, guided meditation, inquiry and contemplation, writing and authentic communication. Drawing the circle, also called the ‘Mandala’ in ancient language, can provide a means of expression for that which has no words, or is often not understood yet—- images, memories, symbols or ideas may arise during the guided meditation process, which offers a free flowing element to the drawing of the mandala and the writing process.  The circle is a symbol of wholeness and Oneness. It invokes the sacred, the profound and the mundane. It represents the idea of ‘unity within diversity,’ which espouses reverence for oneself, others and the planet. Connecting to our Light leads to inner and outer peace and congruence.

The Shadow To Light course will support you not only in connecting with your authentic presence,  it will help you to unleash your inner voice and creative self in a safe, respectful and sacred environment. Our small relational group creates a safe space for you to discover your own shadows in the light of the sacred circle. By fostering support, trust and reverence for yourself and for one another, participants will be encouraged to share their insights of their drawing, writing and contemplation in triads to develop the art of authentic communication, deep listening and attunement and to allow for a deeper radical opening to emerge from your soul.

Engaging in creative expression as a transformative modality can help us to shift our perspective of our old stories about life to offer us new healing insights and reflection. Are you willing to engage in something deeper that is calling you to look within yourself in a playful and creative way to claim your Light. Within each of us is the Light of the infinite intelligence that is awaiting your attention. Are you willing to give it your attention? Your joy and creative self is the sacred light that lies within you.

What is expected of you?

Participants are encouraged to be open-minded and spontaneous, to allow free flow of creative expression, and a shift of perspective of your habitual stories about life.

Art materials are provided. No prerequisites needed. Small group workshop of 25 participants conducted in Vancouver, BC

The Shadow To Light Course will begin on the 9th of February 2017, 2 pm.

Venue:  To be Confirmed

Sasha Samy, MA

Award-Winning Author of ‘Shadow To Light.’