Does your Spiritual Practice Attune You To Inner Peace?

 I recently read an article on Huffington Post, which was written by my friend, Patty Kogutek. It was entitled ” Can You “Fast-Forward” Your Spiritual Development? She describes her spiritual development as going through a long process of finding the connection with the Divine through years of practicing religious rituals only to eventually find it through simplicity of ‘being.’ The article resonated with me  because I realize that when we are consumed with living an  activity-oriented lifestyle, which extends to our spiritual practices, we are often deprived of  the inner connection to the Divine.  There is a greater demand to be more ‘present’ in our busyness. For me, I find that walking in nature helps me to ground to the energies of the Divine; it is where I feel most at peace and in tune with the expansiveness of Life. I’m sharing with you Patty Kogutek’s article in this blog post and hope you will reflect on what spiritual development means to you. Is your spiritual practice moving you along the journey to inner peace?

                      Can You “Fast Forward” Your Spiritual Development? By Patty Kogutek.

“Can a well-meaning religion, filled with rites, rituals and rules hinder your spiritual development? My “long-suffering spiritual development” evolved through the years weaving through religion. As a dedicated Catholic, I immersed myself in religious practices, going to daily mass, reciting the rosary, confessing my sin, pleading through novenas, etc. I even became a Catholic nun for seven years, seeking to please my Heavenly Father. But to my dismay, I didn’t experience the connection to our Creator that I thought I would. I missed joyful experience that leads to a true spiritual connection.

Moving along the path of spiritual development, seeking that personal inner peace, I tried to incorporate transcendental meditation into my religious practices. With the candles lit, the incense burning, I sat like a pretzel breathing in and breathing out patiently awaiting my “awakening.” The frustration grew as the mindful thoughts kept bombarding my brain making the stillness of meditation an impossibility.

Realizing my activity level would never allow for the peacefulness needed for quiet repose, I began taking daily walks as a way to unwind enjoying my environment. Living in the mountains of the Northwest allowed me to stride up and down beautiful hillsides taking in the colorful scenery.

The perfect symmetry of the trees adorned by the million shades of green, and the power felt from “energy bursts,” called mountains, painted the perfect “Eden” for my connection. In the quiet moments on the rural roads in Montana, my Creator that I had been searching for all along found me — “aha!”

I’ve heard of the expression: “Let go, let God,” and now I experienced it for myself. Throwing my hands up in the air in surrender, I celebrated knowing that I had “accidentally” stumbled on a “practice” that brought me inner peace and relationship.

I am convinced you cannot fast forward your religious development. We may try to jump ahead looking for the “quick fix.” In a spiritual awakening there is no “silver bullet.” The spiritual development will naturally unfold, taking its own sweet time with a beat all its own — whenever, wherever.

Life will take you on the journey that you are meant for. Your destiny will unfold in a timely fashion. Making contact with your soul’s encoded destiny brings the joy that is the “tip off” indicating that you are on the “right road.”

Remember that your emotions are the window to your soul and your heart’s desires. Get in touch, connect. God will find you in your happiness.”


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Shared By Sasha Samy, Author of Shadow To Light.