Restoring Inner & Outer Congruence Within Ourselves and the World

Is it true that our destiny is to turn into Light, I and self?
—Hafiz, Sufi poet

Our shadow aspects can manifests as trials and tribulations in our life, or what John Cross, the 18th century theologian, refers to as the ‘dark night of the soul.’ These trials and tribulations take myriad forms: divorce, broken relationships, illness, accident, loss of a loved one, loss of job, loss of property, addictions and depression.

These crises often provide us with the opportunity to die to our old self and to be reborn to our new self; they provide us with the chance to empower ourselves, to grow and to expand, and to get in touch with our inner Self. Our soul will keep prodding us to awaken us to our potentiality, to our creativity, to our abundant self, to fulfill our true purpose in life.

Until we heed the clarion call of the universe, it will rain down boulders on us to make us return to the source of our being. Paying attention to the inner voice of our soul will return us to our Sacred heart, to balance and harmony. It will help us to fine-tune our discerning abilities to make the right decisions and to execute the right action, thereby restoring congruence within ourselves.

As we return to congruence within ourselves and with others, we will inevitably take right actions to restore congruence to our earth, which is sadly, undergoing ‘the dark night of the soul,’ through desecration and pollution. Our journey in life is therefore to return to the source of our being and to operate from that space of loving oneness with all of creation. This will pave the way for a more conscious way of living, whereby we become more aware of how our choices affect the way our life unfolds, their impact on others and our environment. When the light of our soul shines, the barriers between the inner and outer world dissolve and the world soul begins to shine.

© Sasha Samy 2013-02-25

Excerpted from my book “Shadow To Light.”